Honest Kids That Completely Shamed Their Parents In The Most Hilarious Ways

When your kid goes to school, they control the narrative of what your family looks like. Sure, teachers spend enough time around the little exaggerators to know half the words flying out of their mouths are utter nonsense. Though sometimes, a kid blurts out such a revealing jewel about their parents, it has gotta be rooted in a fraction of truth. Or does it?

These schoolyard Picassos royally stuck it to their mortified parents by calling them out in their class assignments. Little did the children know, their innocent admissions resulted in gut-busting laughter from their teachers and some pretty red faces from mom and dad!

1. Dad thought he’d gotten away with it, too, until Junior whipped up this masterpiece in school. And after he explicitly told him not to squeal about those graveyard dances. Those meddling kids. They’ll get ya every single time.

2. Through the eyes of this young Van Gogh, his parents live in a physical bubble. A gas bubble, to be more specific. Evan knows his Mommy suffers through those silent but deadlies with a smile on her face.

3. Looks like someone might have a future as a courtroom sketch artist. Whatever inspired this youngster to crayon out this scene, well, let’s hope it’s an overactive imagination. Otherwise, someone might want to run over to Billy’s house to check on his Dad.

4. After years of smiling through excruciating dinners, young Bailey came up with the perfect plan. She folded some paper, scribbled out a few generalized compliments, then squeezed in the hard truth right at the end. Better take some tips from the kid, Mom, cause you’ve been roasted!

5. This Mom received a lot of judgemental looks from the teacher at the open house, which really confused her. Then, she walked past her child’s art hanging on the wall. When she showed the drawing to her coworkers at the Home Depot they had a good chuckle.

6. What Kyle was trying to say with his before-and-after comparison drawing of his mom was that she’s a dynamic woman that really can do both. That was lost in translation. To be fair, the assignment was designed for kids to put their feet in their mouths.

7. Not sharing, using curses, shoving on the playground — of all the calls you can get from your child’s principal, hearing that your baby drew a picture labeling you as an evil mom getting digested in the belly of a similarly evil snake is the most amusing.

8. With the never-ending list of things that a mom does for her children, it’s always special when they receive heartfelt thanks…especially after watching mom leave Billy in that box behind Applebees, it’s a good idea to keep her happy.


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