Hollywood Housekeepers Spill The Beans On Celebrities’ Weird Behaviors Behind Closed Doors

The reason we are so often fascinated with celebrities is because they’re actually just like us, but with more obvious quirks and more money to spend. The difference between them and us? All of that money and all of that fame means they can be as weird as they want to be…when no one is looking!

That all stops right now. The housekeepers of the rich and famous are speaking out, and what they have to say is galling. So what exactly are these stars up to when they think they are safe from prying eyes?

1. Miley Cyrus runs a petting zoo: We love a girl who is crazy about animals and takes in a lot of pets, but they do have to be house trained, and that’s not something for which Miley seems to have time. A lot of her animal friends “go” wherever they want, whenever they want, and it’s pretty hard to clean. Oh, Miley.

2. Britney Spears keeps some rations under her bed: According to Britbrit’s housekeeper, she keeps quite a few leftovers on the floor, under the mattress, and even in the sheets. In 2010, the cleaner revealed she had found half-eaten burgers, fries, and full cookies in the princess of pop’s sleeping quarters.

3. Ariana Grande gets carried away: This will probably not come as a surprise to anyone, but Ari likes to be treated like a princess. When she gets tired of walking, she often requests to be carried like a baby by both her bodyguards and her boyfriends.

4. Christian Bale takes his role a little too seriously: Bale’s publicist and personal assistant has let it slip that he has a little obsession with his own favorite character Patrick Bateman. He likes to call friends and family up and go full American Psycho, complete with an “iiiiit’s Patrick!” greeting. Scary…

5. Beyoncé has some magic tricks up her sleeve: Queen Bey’s ex-drummer, Kimberley Thompson, has accused her of using witchcraft and has filed a restraining order against her, accusing her of using dark magic to tap her phone and look into her finances. Could Bey really have yet another hidden talent?

6. Demi Moore likes to see herself in a certain light: While Demi looks amazing, she is over 55 years of age, right about the time that women become self-conscious of their aging appearance. Maybe that’s why she likes to keep a low light throughout her house, even though she has nothing to worry about.

7. Michael Jackson snuck around with a special someone: MJ’s bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, was considered a friend to the Jackson family, so it’s not unlikely he would know about the King Of Pop having an affair with no one other than Whitney Houston!

8. Reese Witherspoon is a dream employer: What doesn’t this woman do perfectly? Despite having 3 children, Reese keeps her household very tidy herself so the cleaning isn’t bad at all. She also pays very well and gives her staff all of her old clothes and other items. Go, Reese!

9. Johnny Depp lives with the ghost of careers past: While Johnny’s career is not exactly thriving nowadays, he does like to stroll down memory lane, a.k.a. his closet, and walk around in old costumes made for him during movie shoots. Why doesn’t this seem at all surprising?

10. Tom Cruise is hard to please: The Mission Impossible star has given his staff an impossible mission — he basically wants his home run like a hotel, with fresh sheets every day and staff at his beck and call. There are certain parts of his home that even his ex-wife Katie Holmes wasn’t allowed to use. Oof…

11. Naomi Campbell, more like Naomi Candle: The housekeepers and personal assistant for this infamous supermodel are constantly worried they will mess up her candle placement. Naomi is obsessed with lily-scented candles and needs at least 25 in every hotel suite she stays in. Try not to trigger that fire alarm!

12. Jim Carrey is all over the place: While his mental illness and substance abuse were incredibly hard on the master comedian, it wasn’t easy on his staff, either. They said his moods were entirely unpredictable, keeping everyone on their toes. Luckily, he has been healthier lately, because we love a happy Jim!

13. Jennifer Lopez is a bit of a cheapskate: This singer, dancer, and actress may be known to the masses as J-Lo, but she is known to Hollywood housekeepers as Pay-Low. While Jenny from the block has clearly broadened her finances, she only pays about half what other celebs in the area do. Come on, girl, you know the struggle!

14. Jessica Simpson: She is famous for her hair extensions — not just the ones she wears in her hair, but even the ones she sells! That’s right, she has her own line of long locks. However, she tends to leave her own and her samples all over her house. It must be pretty strange to clean up whole bunches of human hair!


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