I Create Realistic Pet Portraits From Felted Wool

When you see these portraits for the first time, it’s hard to believe that these are not real living animals, but only bas-reliefs.

I’m a Ukrainian artist Hanna Tsukanova, and I create these pet portraits. When I present my work at exhibitions, I’m often asked if I’m a taxidermist! Of course not! All these portraits were created from sheep’s wool using the dry felting method. And not a single animal was hurt! I sculpt noses from special plastic and burns in the furnace. I also draw eyes for cats and dogs, but the whiskers for cats are natural. My friends who have cats collect these treasures for me and send them in envelopes from around the world.

Work on each portrait takes days and sometimes weeks. But before I start, I talk with pet’s parents for a long time. I learn their story, what their character and habits are. For me, the main goal is to capture the character of the pet, his soul, and not just convey the resemblance.

If you liked my creativity and want to continue to follow my new works or want to order a portrait of your pet, then you can do this on my social networks.


Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!


Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!

Unreal Living Portraits That Keep The Souls Of Pets!


The Real Noah’s Ark May Have Just Been Uncovered And It’s Throwing People Off Guard

Legends of catastrophic floods are found in texts from ancient cultures all across the globe, and they share some strange similarities. A man builds a massive ship, the world floods, and the man waits out the storm on the boat until his Weather Channel app says it’s fine to go back outside.

Jokes aside, there’s one story in particular that has captivated archaeologists and treasure seekers for centuries: Noah’s Ark. Many people over the years have falsely claimed to have found the remnants of the Biblical boat, but one team recently made a discovery that could finally be the real thing.

According to the story that appears in the Bible and the Quran, God asked Noah to build a giant ark where he can wait out a world-destroying storm. He needed to take two of every single kind of animal with him. But the holy texts weren’t Noah’s first appearances.

His story debuted centuries earlier in Mesopotamia, though he was called Ziusudra then. Later, he showed up in a Babylonian story under the name Gilgamesh. Noah’s been talked about for a long, long time.

Given the mystery and power behind the original story, it’s no wonder that Hollywood has fallen in love with Noah. As the story of his ark became more and more popular, explorers began launching expeditions to search for what’s left of the boat.

But modern researchers are conflicted on the true story behind the ark. Some interpret the story literally, while many believe the flood might’ve been melting glacial ice as a result of the conclusion of the Ice Age.

One explorer, Robert Ballard, tried to prove this theory in 1989. He theorized that the Ark could have sunk to the bottom of the Black Sea after the glacial floods receded. But what he found surprised him.

After exploring hundreds of square miles beneath the sea, Ballard’s team miraculously discovered a 7,000-year-old settlement destroyed by floodwaters, but no signs of an ark. Though he ended up empty-handed, he wasn’t the last to go searching for the ship.

See, many ark-maniacs believe two blurry government photos of Mount Ararat (the supposed biblical resting place of the Ark) are hiding a secret that could confirm the ship’s location.

So in 2004, when businessman Daniel McGivern set out to explore the anomaly on Mount Ararat, many were disappointed when he was denied access by the Turkish government.

Another team went up into the Alborz Mountains in Iran and located what looked like an enormous blackened ruin. Though some thought this could be an ark candidate, others remarked it could just be a mineral deposit.

Most expeditions were sufficiently debunked as hoaxes. As one archaeologist said, “I don’t know of any expedition that ever went looking for the ark and didn’t find it.” But one group made a shocking discovery in 2007 that changed everything.

When a Hong Kong-based group called Noah’s Ark Ministries International (NAMI) traveled to Mount Arafat, they found something some archaeologists are struggling to explain.

About 13,000 feet up the mountain, NAMI explorers allegedly found large wooden compartments buried in the ground. And when they investigated the ruins further, they discovered something odd.

The group tested the materials using radiocarbon dating, and the age of the wood was revealed to be about 4,800 years old — around the time Noah was purported to have built his ark. One scholar, though, was not so sure.

Somehow believing both in the well-tested science of carbon dating and that God created the world just 6,000 years ago, he disagreed with their findings, purporting the wood should date back much more than 4,800 years. Others have different concerns.

Mount Ararat as the ark’s resting place is a modern concept, not specified in the Bible. “The whole notion is odd because the Bible tells you the ark landed somewhere in Urartu,” noted biblical scholar Jack Sasson. So what was the structure NAMI found?

Some scholars believe the structure could be an ancient shrine dedicated to where some thought the ark could be. But even then, the wood should be much younger for one simple reason: the Bible hadn’t been written 4,800 years ago!

Though the findings hadn’t been corroborated, Turkey planned to petition the United Nations to list the structure as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They were, perhaps unsurprisingly, unsuccessful. Despite all the setbacks, NAMI stuck to their story.

“We believe that the wooden structure we entered is the same structure recorded in historical accounts,” said one member in a statement to the press, “and the same ancient boat indicated by the locals.”

So while no one can yet confirm the veracity of NAMI’s claims, ark-heads across the globe will continue to search high and low for signs of the biblical boat. But some aren’t satisfied just searching for the Ark…



Historic Findings Frozen In Time Are Leaving Scientists Flabbergasted

There are plenty of clues hidden in every corner of the world that teach us about a time long before we were even around. Dinosaur bones are buried underground, fossils hide in stone, and the ruins of ancient cities, it seems, are excavated just about every year.

And in some of the world’s coldest places, scientists are uncovering a number of mind-boggling discoveries in ice. Preserved in freezing temperatures, these finds were in nearly the same condition as when they first went under — and scientists are only just now coming to understand their incredible histories.

1. Iron water: Don’t worry, it’s not what you think! While it may look like something horrific happened in the aptly named area of “Blood Falls,” this is actually just frozen iron-rich water. But where it comes from? Nobody knows…

2. Mammoth Brains: Quite a number of mammoth remains have been found over the years, but only one with its brain still intact. Deep inside the permafrost off the Siberian coast was this young yet 39,000-year-old woolly mammoth. What a discovery!

3. Forests: Even though moving glaciers tend to crush anything in their paths, the dirt and debris they drag along with them can act as a protective barrier for forests underneath. So, when a glacier continues on, it can reveal a forest in perfect condition.

4. Dinosaurs: The 110 million-year-old Nodosaur was one of the last surviving dinos, as its tough skin and spiked back protected it from predators. It lived in the Cretaceous period, the last stretch of the Mesozoic era, and remained perfectly preserved in ice.

5. Volcano: It may sound like an oxymoron, but even volcanoes can freeze over (hell hasn’t yet, though). Inactive volcanoes remain at high altitudes, and the rapid change from hot to cool can create some pretty interesting sights.

6. Message In A Bottle: In 1959, a geologist named Paul T. Walker hid this bottle in a glacier with instructions to measure the distance it traveled over time. When it was uncovered, it’d moved so much that scientists realized the severity of climate change.

7. Airplanes: In 1952, this military plane was headed for Alaska but crashed into a nearby glacier, killing all 52 people on board. Sadly, their remains couldn’t be salvaged until 50 years later when the ice had melted.

8. Viking Skis: Historians believe skiing was invented in Scandinavia, and finding 1,300-year-old skis beneath the ice supports that theory. This is one of only two pairs of ancient skis found with bindings still attached, so it’s a pretty big deal.

9. Live Gator: Don’t worry, this alligator is actually still alive! Certain animal species can survive in ice for a while due to their slow heart rates. Alligators have survived blizzards, and those that do usually stick their snouts above the freezing water.

10. Eerie Photographs: When Earnest Shackleton, a late 19th-century and early 20th-century explorer, crashed his ship during his final expedition, he lost a lock box. When it was found in 2013, it revealed weird photos of the crew, the mission, and Shackleton.


Freezing Photos That Prove Mother Nature Has No Chill In The Winter

Temperatures plummet, snow falls from the sky in heaps, and ice sprawls across the land. Chestnuts roast on an open fire; Jack Frost nips at your nose. All of this must mean one thing — it’s winter.

And when winter comes so does the magic, beauty, and, often times, wrath of Mother Nature. Sometimes we can predict the power of winter, but other times, it catches us by surprise. These 20 photos show how beautiful, yet fierce, winter can truly be…

1. When it’s so cold out that any bit of exposed skin will frost over… The only way you’ll be able to defrost your eyelashes after this is with a piping hot bowl of chicken noodle soup.

2. Ever wonder what would happen when hot water meets cold air? A beautiful display of instant snow in every direction around you! The allure of this ice show is something that can only be replicated on the coldest of winter days.

3. How about this ice sheet that was left behind after a freezing rain event? It looks as though a ghostly replica of the truck was left in place to document a moment in time that once existed… an eerie reminder of what was once there.

4. There are fewer joys in life to a dog than rolling around in fresh powder, and this American Eskimo Dog really became one with the snow this winter. If you had only glanced at the snow patch, you just might miss that little fluff ball.

5. What kind of sorcery is this? How is it possible that a powerful cascading waterfall can become completely frozen in time? We wouldn’t mess with any magical being capable of pulling off this level of voodoo!

6. One of the coolest things about winter is that your car can apparently develop defensive spikes on its hubcaps. Even Transformers would be totally jealous of your wheels — this makes the other Autobots look far less superior.

7. Billions of snowflakes can fall from the sky in a single snow event. All of them together create a swirling picture against the purple hue of the night sky. But have you ever caught a single snowflake on your coat and looked at the intricacy of that small piece of art?

8. This man didn’t go for the standard snowman, or even an igloo — he tediously created the world’s first ever snow fruit roll-up. This was definitively more than three feet of fun!

9. This time of the year, Mother Nature thinks she’s funny and likes to play games with you. Your guess is as good as the next person as to which traffic color is lit behind its snowy hiding spot. Red Light, Green Lot doesn’t seem so fun now.

10. Winter also can be a bit odd sometimes. In the chaos of the snowstorm, cascading sculptures formed off the edge of the roof. They look as if they are defying gravity because of some magical spell they’re under!

11. Everyone knows that heavy snowfall can block roads and make them inaccessible, and this city worker put that knowledge to the test: he built a few roadblocks out of giant, muddy balls of snow.

12. It’s all fun and games until Mother Nature decides to raise the thermostat from 32°F to 33ºF. Then all of a sudden your creation goes from Frosty the Snowman to used car lot’s wacky, waving, arm-flailing, inflatable tube man.

13. Porcupines are cool and all, but have you ever had a porcu-car? The pros include: all the fun of a porcupine with none of the responsibilities. The cons include: cleaning your car off. That’s probably a pretty dangerous task.

14. These ducks are literally all of us on a cold winter morning. The second that door opens and the blistering wind smacks you in the face, you respond with a big ol’ “nope” and retreat back to your cozy bed.

15. This photo can really play mind tricks on you. What looks like the middle of a storm-struck Bearing Sea is actually a windblown, frozen street. You don’t need a boat to cross this path!

16. Snow is a great sidekick when you’re a sleuth. It’s like memory foam, holding the imprint of anything that trespasses on your property behind your back. Looks like a gang of critters scurried through here late last night. Case closed!

17. Mother Nature said, “You shall not pass,” but thankfully we have snowblowers capable of plowing through several feet of snow. So have no fear, you’ll still be able to get to work on time and clock in a full eight hours.

18. When this person opened their trunk, the snow just…stayed in place. They didn’t have to play a game of snowstorm roulette and wonder, will the snow fall inside the car? Will the door be frozen shut? Hopefully their luck doesn’t run out.

19. When Stanley next door refuses to shovel his sidewalk after a sidewalk, it is, for the most part, a pain in the butt. Still, his disinterest in his civic duties makes for an truly wintry picture.

20. “Go outside,” they said, “it’ll be fun,” they said. If having your hat and scarf frozen to your face while your eyeballs become completely frozen shut is your definition of fun, then you must be missing something.