Napping is actually good for you, study says

How does that old saying go again? ‘Nap hard, play hard’, right?

Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly how it goes, but it’s certainly a philosophy that a lot of us live by. Especially in this weird modern world we live in, where the gig economy dictates that we work irregular hours, and the general culture insists that we socialise all the time, napping is something that most of us rely on in order to keep us going through the week. It’s something we’ve all naturally learnt to do, and has become so normalised that many offices even have ‘nap spaces’ for their employees to catch some Zs during the day.

And yet, it’s a habit that some people look down on as being lazy or unhealthy, with many arguing that we should focus on getting our eight hours of sleep every night – no more, no less.

However, as it turns out, taking a snooze break might actually be good for you.

man sleeping on a park bench

In a recent study at the University of Bristol, researchers found that short bouts of sleep helped individuals to better process unconscious information and succeed at problem solving activities. Admittedly, the study was pretty tiny (just 16 people were fitted with EEGs to track their neural activity), but the results confirmed some hypothesise that have long been suspected.

“The findings are remarkable in that they can occur in the absence of initial intentional, conscious awareness, by processing of implicitly presented cues beneath participants’ conscious awareness,” revealed Dr. Liz  Coulthard, Consultant Senior Lecturer in Dementia Neurology at the University of Bristol Medical School.

Indeed, there’s not much evidence to suggest we shouldn’t nap, either.

According to the National Sleep Foundation: “More than 85% of mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers, meaning that they sleep for short periods throughout the day. Humans are part of the minority of monophasic sleepers, meaning that our days are divided into two distinct periods, one for sleep and one for wakefulness. It is not clear that this is the natural sleep pattern of humans. Young children and elderly persons nap, for example, and napping is a very important aspect of many cultures.”

person napping on sofa

The NSF also has some tips for optimum napping conditions, noting that “A short nap is usually recommended (20-30 minutes) for short-term alertness. This type of nap provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep.”

Of course, more studies need to be conducted in order to determine variants between different groups of people.

“Further research in a larger sample size is needed to compare if and how the findings differ between ages, and investigation of underlying neural mechanisms,” Dr. Coulthard said.

Well, if they’re looking for volunteers, I’d be happy to sign up.


Dead humpback whale mysteriously turns up in the Amazon rainforest leaving experts baffled

A dead humpback whale has washed up ashore in the Amazon rainforest, but it is unknown exactly how the mammal died or why it was so close to the mouth of the river.

Estimates put the carcass at roughly 10 tonnes – 36 feet long. It was discovered far from the area where the species is expected to be found at this time of year. The whale was found last Friday in a woodland area of Brazil, around 50 feet from the ocean, at the mouth of the Amazon river. Scientists working on the island of Marajo have begun studies on the creature, found in the undergrowth near Araruna Beach, to determine what exactly happened.

A team of 10 specialist biologists sent by NGO the Bicho D’Agua Institute have found that the animal is a 12 month old calf, and are still hoping to find out how it died. One of the prevailing theories is that it was thrown out of the water and into the undergrowth by a combination of rough seas and high tides.

The Bicho D’Agua Institute have discussed the incident, suggesting that the whale could have become entangled in the mangroves after being thrown to the shore by the rough seas prior to Friday. Meanwhile, the Maritime Herald newspaper has posited that the whale could have died from consuming plastics dumped in the ocean, and died prior to being washed ashore.

“We only found the whale because of the presence of scavenging birds of prey,” Dirlene Silva from the Brazilian environmental, health and sanitation department, SEMMA, told local media. “The vultures were spotted circling above the carcass which was found hidden in the bush some distance from the sea.”

According to The Sun, Bircho D’Agua president and marine specialist Renata Emin commented:

“We’re still not sure how it landed here, but we’re guessing that the creature was floating close to the shore and the tide, which has been pretty considerable over the past few days, picked it up and threw it inland, into the mangrove.

“Along with this astonishing feat, we are baffled as to what a humpback whale is doing on the north coast of Brazil during February because this is a very unusual occurrence.”

Emin is referring to the fact that the Humpback Whale is normally spotted in the Bahia area between the months of August and November, before they migrate up to Antartica, making its appearance here highly unusual.

“Humpback whales don’t usually travel to the north. We have a record of one appearing in the area three years ago, but it’s rare,” she continued. “We believe this is a calf which may have been travelling with its mother and probably got lost or separated during the migratory cycle between the two continents.”

The team are currently conducting various forensic tests on the whale to find out the details of its death, and the results should be found within the next ten days.



Adrenaline-Pumping Places Around The World That People Can Actually Visit

Some people just love to be scared. Horror movies are like candy to these adrenaline junkies, and the rush they get from a walk through a haunted house is unlike anything else. But at the end of the day, it’s all just make-believe. When faced with what’s real, fear becomes anything but a good time.

Let the faint of heart be warned: these real-life locations are either spooky, strange, or flat-out eerie. Just reading about them might give you goosebumps! Let’s see if you’ve got the guts to get through all of these destinations without having to leave the light on before bed tonight…

1. Nagoro (Japan): Imagine a ghost town filled with hundreds of life-sized dolls. That’s exactly what visitors will find in Nagoro, where the dolls outnumber humans 100:1.

Ayano Tsukimi, a resident of the town, created all of the dolls to resemble former residents who have either died or simply left the remote village to find work. Guess she needed company!

2. Hill of Crosses (Lithuania): For over 700 years, Christian pilgrims have been journeying to this site to place crosses, crucifixes, and effigies as a symbol of religious freedom.

The practice seems innocent enough, but the sight of over 100,000 shadowy crosses set against the dying sun is enough to give even the holiest among us goosebumps.

3. The Door to Hell (Turkmenistan): Located in the heart of the Karakum Desert, the “Door to Hell” came to be when Soviet oil drillers struck a large methane reserve back in 1971.

In an effort to burn off the gas being released, the Soviets ignited the crater… and it’s been burning ever since. If that doesn’t give you the creeps, then frankly, we don’t know what will.

4. Haw Par Villa (Singapore): What’s more exciting than a visit to Disney World? Why, a trip to this disturbing theme park, of course! In addition to the strange statues that litter the grounds, Haw Par Villa offers more oddities…

This theme park features an attraction that depicts sinners being brutally tortured in the depths of hell. Nothing says “having a good time” like eternal pain and misery!

5. Christ of the Abyss (Italy): Commissioned by Italian diver Duilio Marcante to honor his drowned friend, the Christ of the Abyss was erected on the exact spot where the man had perished.

It’s a touching monument, but it’s also deeply unsettling. And if that isn’t creepy enough, imagine a giant, algae-crusted statue reaching up at you from the dark depths of the murky sea.

6. St. George’s Church (Czech Republic): Following the collapse of the church’s ceiling during a funeral, the residents of Luková decided to board the place up.

It makes sense — a collapse during a funeral definitely feels like an evil omen. The church has remained abandoned, though these spooky sculptures now call the decaying sanctuary home.

7. The Great Blue Hole (Belize): The beauty of this massive sinkhole has attracted scuba enthusiasts to its crystal-blue waters for decades, but the scene below the surface is anything but serene.

A near 400-foot drop into the pitch darkness awaits any unfortunate soul that gets too close to its edges. Still, it’s a popular attraction that draws countless bold scuba divers.

8. Pripyat (Ukraine): The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 has long been considered the worst nuclear accident in history, a claim that the people of nearby Pripyat can attest to.

Tragically, residents were forced to leave everything behind in the evacuation that followed, and over 30 years later, the town remains virtually frozen in time.

9. Winchester Mystery House (California): Believing she was being haunted by the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles, gun magnate Sarah Winchester constructed a seven-story home.

The odd building features dead-end stairways and doors that go nowhere, designed to confound the angry ghosts that walked the halls. Winchester didn’t stop building onto the house until her death.

10. Taylor Glacier (Antarctica): This glacier may look like a crime scene from NCIS, but this flow of red saltwater – known as “Blood Falls” – is caused by the high iron content of the microbe-rich lake contained beneath the ice.

Still, even when you know the science behind such a phenomenon, a gush of bright red liquid isn’t exactly the most comforting sight on an arctic hike.

11. Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital (Germany): As far as creepy hospitals go, the Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital has both the looks and the history to classify it as absolutely terrifying.

After stints as a sanatorium, Nazi treatment center, and Soviet military hospital, the complex now sits abandoned, its halls occupied by decay and the many ghosts that are known to roam them.

12. Poveglia (Italy): If it wasn’t bad enough that this small island was used as a quarantine zone for plague sufferers, it later became a mental hospital where doctors performed bizarre experiments on their patients.

It’s believed that over 100,000 people perished on Poveglia, and it’s now considered one of the world’s most haunted locations. Not surprising given its history.


Hollywood Housekeepers Spill The Beans On Celebrities’ Weird Behaviors Behind Closed Doors

The reason we are so often fascinated with celebrities is because they’re actually just like us, but with more obvious quirks and more money to spend. The difference between them and us? All of that money and all of that fame means they can be as weird as they want to be…when no one is looking!

That all stops right now. The housekeepers of the rich and famous are speaking out, and what they have to say is galling. So what exactly are these stars up to when they think they are safe from prying eyes?

1. Miley Cyrus runs a petting zoo: We love a girl who is crazy about animals and takes in a lot of pets, but they do have to be house trained, and that’s not something for which Miley seems to have time. A lot of her animal friends “go” wherever they want, whenever they want, and it’s pretty hard to clean. Oh, Miley.

2. Britney Spears keeps some rations under her bed: According to Britbrit’s housekeeper, she keeps quite a few leftovers on the floor, under the mattress, and even in the sheets. In 2010, the cleaner revealed she had found half-eaten burgers, fries, and full cookies in the princess of pop’s sleeping quarters.

3. Ariana Grande gets carried away: This will probably not come as a surprise to anyone, but Ari likes to be treated like a princess. When she gets tired of walking, she often requests to be carried like a baby by both her bodyguards and her boyfriends.

4. Christian Bale takes his role a little too seriously: Bale’s publicist and personal assistant has let it slip that he has a little obsession with his own favorite character Patrick Bateman. He likes to call friends and family up and go full American Psycho, complete with an “iiiiit’s Patrick!” greeting. Scary…

5. Beyoncé has some magic tricks up her sleeve: Queen Bey’s ex-drummer, Kimberley Thompson, has accused her of using witchcraft and has filed a restraining order against her, accusing her of using dark magic to tap her phone and look into her finances. Could Bey really have yet another hidden talent?

6. Demi Moore likes to see herself in a certain light: While Demi looks amazing, she is over 55 years of age, right about the time that women become self-conscious of their aging appearance. Maybe that’s why she likes to keep a low light throughout her house, even though she has nothing to worry about.

7. Michael Jackson snuck around with a special someone: MJ’s bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, was considered a friend to the Jackson family, so it’s not unlikely he would know about the King Of Pop having an affair with no one other than Whitney Houston!

8. Reese Witherspoon is a dream employer: What doesn’t this woman do perfectly? Despite having 3 children, Reese keeps her household very tidy herself so the cleaning isn’t bad at all. She also pays very well and gives her staff all of her old clothes and other items. Go, Reese!

9. Johnny Depp lives with the ghost of careers past: While Johnny’s career is not exactly thriving nowadays, he does like to stroll down memory lane, a.k.a. his closet, and walk around in old costumes made for him during movie shoots. Why doesn’t this seem at all surprising?

10. Tom Cruise is hard to please: The Mission Impossible star has given his staff an impossible mission — he basically wants his home run like a hotel, with fresh sheets every day and staff at his beck and call. There are certain parts of his home that even his ex-wife Katie Holmes wasn’t allowed to use. Oof…

11. Naomi Campbell, more like Naomi Candle: The housekeepers and personal assistant for this infamous supermodel are constantly worried they will mess up her candle placement. Naomi is obsessed with lily-scented candles and needs at least 25 in every hotel suite she stays in. Try not to trigger that fire alarm!

12. Jim Carrey is all over the place: While his mental illness and substance abuse were incredibly hard on the master comedian, it wasn’t easy on his staff, either. They said his moods were entirely unpredictable, keeping everyone on their toes. Luckily, he has been healthier lately, because we love a happy Jim!

13. Jennifer Lopez is a bit of a cheapskate: This singer, dancer, and actress may be known to the masses as J-Lo, but she is known to Hollywood housekeepers as Pay-Low. While Jenny from the block has clearly broadened her finances, she only pays about half what other celebs in the area do. Come on, girl, you know the struggle!

14. Jessica Simpson: She is famous for her hair extensions — not just the ones she wears in her hair, but even the ones she sells! That’s right, she has her own line of long locks. However, she tends to leave her own and her samples all over her house. It must be pretty strange to clean up whole bunches of human hair!


20 Hilarious Camping Photos That Prove People Get Pretty Wild In The Great Outdoors

Five-star hotels make for nice, but pretty boring, vacations. For a trip full of surprises and unforgettable moments, you can’t beat camping. You might wind up with a few more mosquito bites, sure, but the great outdoors will provide you with the best stories.

These twenty moments gave families and friends tales that they could share around the campfire for many years to come. Even your most bizarre camping memories can’t compare to these far-out photos!

1. There’s nothing like a day at the lake. These girls were wise enough to wear life jackets, though those only guarantee you won’t sink below the water. They won’t stop you from getting launched ten feet above it!

2. If you can’t beat them, join them. In a chicken-egg scenario, nobody can say whether the sign or the tents came first, but it’s clear that these rules are not working. Oh well, anything goes in the great outdoors.

3. Boats are super expensive, but these two geniuses found the perfect solution. They just slapped a motor and a couple pontoons on their picnic table, and now they’ve got a vessel as mighty as the Titanic herself. Judging by the one guy’s beard, they’ve been at sea for decades!

4. Need a use for all your leftover hotdog buns and condiments? These pranksters turned their scraps into a true masterpiece by accessorizing their passed-out friend. He can wash off that ketchup in a couple minutes, but his black marker beard is going to last a while!

5. Big spenders can be surprisingly frugal in certain cases. Take, for instance, this guy who’s transformed his Lamborghini into a clothesline. By the way, dangling your boxer shorts by the front seat is a great way to make sure nobody tries to steal your ride.

6. Minimalist housing is so in right now. This biker took this philosophy to the campgrounds by putting up a tent that’s only big enough to cover his head. At least his leather jacket, pants, and boots will keep the rest of him dry if it rains!

7. Out in nature, the world is your bathroom! That means you can use your toilet for many other things, like an all-in-one drink cooler and grill. However, this is definitely not the right seat to do your bathroom reading.

8. Enjoying the fresh air is not without its hazards. This man’s leisurely hike got a little sticky when he fell into a patch of cacti. The good news is that he’ll have a funny story for years to come, once the medical staff removes all the needles.

9. Some dogs absolutely despise going out in the rain, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make good camping buddies. Just bundle your pooch up in a nice waterproof jacket, and he’ll stick by you all weekend long.

10. Best friends are a great resource because they’ll stick by you no matter what. New bicycles, on the other, hand are a little more delicate. That’s why this guy gets to sleep in the tent with his prize possession, while his understanding friend dozes out in the open. 

11. This set-up gives “port-a-potty” an entirely new meaning! But it’s not totally uncivilized; the toilet does come with a toilet paper roll. We can only hope nobody tried to make use of this lavatory while the truck was moving.

12. Is there anything more relaxing than a hammock? Well, maybe it loses some of its peacefulness once you get 25 feet off the ground. These campers took bunkbeds to the extreme and set up a hammock ladder! If only we could see how they get up and down.

13. After a long day on the range, why should your horse have to sleep outside while you spend the night in a cozy tent? This brave steed righted this wrong by walking headfirst into the tent. Not a perfect fit, but she’s proving a point.

14. We’ve all seen that guy who insists on camping with the smallest budget possible. Here he is in his full glory. Draped across a cooler and two folding chairs, he dreams of all the money he’s saved since he was too cheap to buy a tent.

15. Not all campers are into roughing it. Some, like this gentleman, feel so attached to their devices that they bring their entire office with them on vacation! You can tell he’s dedicated because he’s lugging around a monitor from 1995.

16. Still grossed out by that toilet grill? Well, you might not feel much better about this grocery cart BBQ, since those things never get cleaned. But on the bright side, all that heat should kill a fair amount of the germs lurking around the metal bars.

17. Remember that not all pets are cut out for the great outdoors. This enraged cat is doing everything it can to wriggle free of its tent prison. We sure wouldn’t want to be the ones stuck inside with it while it claws its way out.

Reddit / DearG-D

18. We hope this family didn’t forget anything! Given the amount of stuff loaded onto their truck, however, that doesn’t seem to be much of a possibility. The only other thing they should’ve packed was an extra vehicle.

19. The best campsites are those where you can escape from the entire world as if nobody knows you’re there. Thanks to this sign, one campground no longer makes that list. Somebody should probably add in “Not Very” in front of the word “Secret.”

20. A few campers simply refuse to give up all of their creature comforts. These adventurers figured a way to beat the heat by somehow rigging up a window air conditioner to their tent. You have to wonder: do they also bring a radiator with them during the winter months?


People Are Sending Dolls To A Peculiar Location That Performs The Weirdest Service Imaginable

Everybody had a favorite childhood possession — a love-worn teddy bear or a special blanket. Even well into adulthood, these items hold a lot of personal meaning, maybe more than people care to admit. But is there any place where old mementos like these are still treasured?

For that, we have to go to the land down under. One unassuming storefront houses a place where childhood memories are in the care of a very unusual physician. Step right in, it’s time for your appointment…

These days, kids see toys as completely replaceable. Children break, lose, or forget about them without any consequence because their parents can always buy new ones straight off the shelves. But not everyone still treats toys so lightly.

On a quiet street in Sydney, Australia, a group of people regard toys as precious objects — almost as if they’re people. They do everything they can to make sure these items remain in pristine conditions for future generations. But not for free. 

If you were to glance through the window, you would be forgiven for mistaking these experts for doctors. Their work does resemble surgery. They even think of themselves as medical professionals, in a sense. That’s probably how they came up with their business name.

Meet the hard workers behind the Original Doll Hospital. This unusual establishment has served the greater Sydney area for over 100 years now. Of course, a specialized business like this doesn’t just pop up for no good reason. 

Back in 1913, an Australian general store owner named Mr. Chapman imported Japanese dolls, which were popular at the time. However, the fragile figurines often cracked and broke during the voyage. Chapman couldn’t make any profit off of damaged goods.

So he turned to his brother, Harold Chapman, for some assistance. A local handyman, Harold had a knack for fixing up just about anything. With his vast array of tools and close attention to detail, he began repairing his brother’s broken dolls.


20 Restaurants That Went Way Overboard Trying To Bring Their Wacky Recipe Ambitions To Life

Attempting to open a restaurant is generally frowned upon unless you have enough money behind it to take a significant profit loss for the first few years. Even if you do have the moola, you still need to figure out a way to stand out among an ocean of other competitors: what makes you different from everyone else?

Well, for one, you need unique dishes so patrons spread the word after they leave. But, there’s a delicate balance. You also don’t want to take your creativity to such an absurd extreme that it backfires. The creators of these restaurants were sure they were upping their food game, but the results are pretty baffling!

1. Whoa, hold the phone! So you’re telling me food here comes served in a shoe? How is anyone supposed to know for a fact that shoe hasn’t been worn before? You can just serve those mozzarella sticks in a bowl; no one will miss the Croc.

2. People like to decorate a bloody Mary with olives, cornichons, and even bacon. But, this is just absurd! How do you even drink this? No one wants a hint of fried chicken and pizza in their morning cocktail.

3. It’d be quite startling to “meat” these two dolls at your dinner table. Whoever draped the raw meat around them actually did a pretty fine job, but not many people want to feel like their meal was inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

4. This looks like a scene from the live-action version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Was it raining cocktails outside? This method of slinging drinks looks way too cumbersome. Don’t they have a basic pitcher instead?

5. A lot of people love beer, and a lot of people love slurping ramen noodles. But, should the two ever engage in Holy Matrimony? This place clearly thinks so. You might want to think about calling a designated driver to get you home after this noodle dish.

6. This certainly looks like a fun way to feast on a variety of fried appetizers. Fries? Check. Chicken tenders? Check. Onion rings? Check. Enough room to actually eat the food once it comes? Still trying to figure that out.

7. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have for you the most dangerous meal in the world! So, people are just supposed to order this salad served in a mangled tin can and hope they leave with all the skin still on their fingers?

8. Here’s a very odd way of bringing chips and dip to hungry patrons. It’s probably a safe bet to assume anyone ordering chips doesn’t want them to come out looking like they just ran through a cycle in a washing machine. Are the dips different flavored detergents?

9. If they look like cigars and come in a cigar box, then they must be cigars, right? Nope, they can also be delicious taquitos! Just make sure no one tries to light one up: cigar aficionados will certainly be disappointed, and taquito fans won’t be too psyched either!

10. Nachos are perfect for a large group of people. Nachos that come sliding out of the bottom of a metal garbage can, however… maybe not so much. What’s wrong with just piling them high on a plate and avoiding the thought of them sitting in garbage?

11. We can all agree shovels are for digging in the ground. So, when you order a variety of breakfast meats and fries, the last thing you want to picture is your food being dug out from the earth and immediately served to you.

12. Is this some kind of sick joke? Tempting hungry customers with a delicious burger while at the same time scaring them so they’re too afraid to grab it? This is human food, not mouse food. You can use an actual plate.

13. Falafel and hummus in an egg carton… hmm… What happened to the eggs? In all honesty, egg cartons wouldn’t be the worst thing to serve falafel in; they do fit snugly into each slot. But, that still doesn’t explain where all the eggs are ending up…

14. The employees at this restaurant stole this shopping cart from the world’s tiniest grocery store. How are they covering up the crime? Fill it with grapes and pretend it’s a cool way to complement wine. 

15. Patrons who eat at this place are essentially treated like house pets and served food in pet bowls. Does ol’ Fido know his dish was stolen from him so humans can enjoy a meal? Maybe there are still kibble crumbs on the bottom of it for extra flavoring.

16. After shredding the half pipe you can pull into this place and grab a beer and a pizza. Oh yeah, the pizza happens to be served on the bottom of a snowboard. You know what that’s called? A waste of a perfectly good snowboard.

17. You have to hand it to this restaurant, they clearly have a great Scotch egg, and they’re not afraid to let everyone know. Using a trophy as a plate would normally be frowned upon, but this is pretty creative stuff. That egg does look amazing.

18. How do you spell the proper name of this sandwich? Oh, that’s right: the first letter is “N” and the last letter is “O.” This is a complete disaster. It’s a soggy, sloppy, Spaghetti-o-filled mess that no one should have to eat.

19. When you own an upscale restaurant, there are certain ways you can flaunt the wealth without seeming way over the top, but this place is doing it all wrong. C’mon now, food on top of iPads? What a waste of technology. 

20. Hey, if you want your pasta fresh, cut out the middleman. Let’s get those noodles straight from the skillet and into your mouth, STAT. Just make sure you don’t suffer third-degree burns from the searing metal.


20 Pulse-Raising Photos Of Wild Situations That Will Make Anyone’s Heart Skip A Beat

Fear is a normal part of being alive as many everyday real world situations can make our hearts race! Whether we’re falling in love or falling down the stairs, we can’t help but feel shell-shocked time to time — not to say that we all enjoy it.

However, there is something cathartic about watching a scary movie or seeing someone get totally freaked out. Frightening moments make us forget our problems and help us remember that things could be worse, if even for a little while. These creepy photos prove just that, though the brave souls in them may not think so…

1. Have you ever had as baaahhhd a night as the person who took this photo? Maybe these sheep are just waiting outside this house because they want food. Or maybe they’re having a satanic ritual. Who’s to say?

2. Lettuce is supposed to be vegan, right? This person probably didn’t order any frog legs in their salad. It would be pretty scary to see your produce move, and then suddenly “ribbit”.

3. If you thought the most dangerous part of surfing was having waves the size of a house crash over you, think again. Your ocean adventures could go from Surf’s Up to Jaws in the blink of an eye.

4. It’s one thing to stand on the top of a tall building and look out at the view, but it’s another thing altogether to relax by hanging off a tall building! This guy doesn’t seem too worried, making his either the bravest man alive or a total daredevil.

5. Oddly enough, we feel that when someone is dusting the center beams of a bridge that’s suspended thousands of feet over a cliff, some kind of protective wear should be applied. There is no way this passes the worker safety inspection. But hey, at least he’s wearing a helmet!

6. Do you ever get an irrational fear of something crawling out of the toilet while you’re doing your business? Guess what, it might actually happen! It’s better to always check the bowl before sitting down, or it may end up biting you in the butt.

7. Whatever brought you to Rite Aid on this sinister night, forget it. Did you know a group of crows is called a murder? This giant ‘murder’ is definitely up to something. Try Duane Reade instead.

8. Mountain climbing certainly isn’t a sport for the faint of heart, but it’s usually something that you can avoid if it’s not your style. Things you can’t avoid: hanging off the side of this cliff if you set out on this dangerous pathway in China. 

9. Geese are frightening animals — that much is obvious. They are bigger, louder, more aggressive versions of ducks and they like to screech and attack anyone who dares to lock eyes with them. But have you ever looked their mouths? Well… Don’t.

10. Dancing is a great way to burn calories and to stay fit while still having loads of fun. Dancing in the sky while plummeting towards the Earth… that’s something else entirely!

11. Let’s hope this handyman’s balance is as solid as his engineering skills. This is some serious dedication for a light bulb change though — maybe his work ethic will help him climb up the corporate ladder, too.

12. Have you ever seen people get really nervous when stepping on or off the escalator, and thought “what’s all the fuss about?” Tell that to the person who might have just lost their toes! Don’t forget to wear your titanium boots next time you hit the mall.

13. When one man set up a camera in his backyard to see who was leaving deer carcasses on his lawn, the last thing he expected was to capture this heart-pounding image of some kind of winged beast chasing down a poor little deer! 

14. Whenever you feel like kayaking down a river, make sure that river doesn’t end in an enormous waterfall anytime soon. These brave hearts (or utter fools) have made it literally to the edge of the world. We’re glad they’re still alive, but how will they get back?

15. Imagine going for a lovely hike in the forest, and suddenly clutching your heart because THIS dude appears in the corner of your eye. After a double take you might think it’s just a tree, but you actually just met Grandmother Willow’s husband. Her very creepy husband. 

16. It is fairly common knowledge that spiders are scary, and snakes are too, but a spider catching a snake in its web and eating it? That’s a hard pass. You might want to reconsider that trip to Australia before you meet the same fate as this little snake.

17. What do you think is a man’s worst nightmare? Whatever inappropriate and possibly sexist thing you may be considering, think again because nothing will ever beat a guillotine above a urinal.

18. Bears are pretty terrifying, but naked bears will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life. This shaven bear looks a little bit like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, yelling at kids to get out of his forest if they dare get too close. 

19. Natural disasters would make anybody’s heart race, but tornadoes may be the scariest. As a 100-foot tall whirlwind approaches, all you can think of is getting sucked in with the cows and spinning around for eternity. Kudos to whoever had the guts to take this picture before running.

20. As bicycles become a more popular form of transportation, cities should increase their number of dedicated bike lanes… and probably not place this type of manhole cover in them. We really hope this lady didn’t break anything, but if she did, we hope she successfully sues her city for at least a million dollars.

Do you feel at least a little better about your own problems now, or did these photos just make you afraid to leave the house?


Heart-Stopping Photos That’ll Make You Think Twice About Swimming In The Ocean This Summer

It’s the middle of summer and many of us are experiencing a heat wave, so what better way to cool off than a trip to the beach. Going for a dip in the ocean is a lovely way to spend an afternoon in the dog days of summer, that is unless you encounter any of the terrifying sea creatures that lurk beneath the water.

Personally, I love the beach, but if even so much of a bit of seaweed touches my leg, I am out of there! I can’t imagine my reaction if I ever came across a giant shark or an underwater snake! Did I mention I also hate eels? Yeah, those definitely shouldn’t exist.

But the chances are you won’t actually encounter any of the nasty creatures lurking in the ocean’s depths unless you go looking for them. However, just knowing that you’re sharing the same body of water with some of the nasty looking animals in the photos below is enough to prevent some people from jumping in.

Have a look at the pictures below of what you might be sharing your beach day with. They may make you think twice about going for a dip. Perhaps it would be safer to just crank the air conditioner and watch Jaws on TV.

1. Humans for lunch?

Open wide! Gobble, gobble!

2. Do you think he knows her mantra?

Or is he perhaps also hungry?

3. Help! I think I’m being followed!

Can you imagine just trying to relax on your kayak and then you turn around and see that?! Warning: Shark attack imminent.

4. Do you think the octopus wants to play?

Or is he angry the scuba diver trespassed into his garden? With eight strong arms, there’s no way that scuba diver would make it out alive if the octopus was in a bad mood.

5. Surely this isn’t real.

But, it really is! This is a lion-maned jellyfish, and the largest one ever discovered had tenticles that were 121.4 foot long! Can you imagine the full body sting from this thing?

Number six literally looks like The Kraken come to life…

6. The seaweed is coming for you!

Despite this just being plants, for some reason, this one actually freaks me out the most.

7. No. Just no.

A perfect exmaple of beast lurking in the murky depths. This is not okay.

8. This swimmer over a giant sea hole is super scary.

Maybe this is where all the missing ships are in the Bermuda Triangle? Or perhaps the hole to the center of the Earth?

9. Look out below!

Imagine being shown the picture after being a passenger on that boat! Those boaters are going to have one whale of a tale to share when they get back on land!

10. A person jumping in certainly shows just how big the ocean is.

Humans are just a very small drop in a very large blue world. How could we possibly know all of what’s lurking in there?

11. Turn back while you still have a chance!

This photo right here is why I don’t surf.

12. Just look at the size of that great blue whale.

The largest species on the planet, and arguably the most impressive. The boat sure does give perspective to the massive size of it!

For yet another amazing whale encounter, check out the video below to see an ocean giant jump out of the water, in what must have been a magical moment for the people on board the boat:

13. Okay, I could handle the fish, but a snake?

Who knew snakes existed under water? That is knowledge I did not need to have!

The next page proves that Jaws really is real…

14. I don’t even know what this is!

Maybe the fisherman could feed it to the snake?

Thought that was weird? This next creature should definitely not be in existence…

15. Why is this creature in existence?

This huge basking shark makes me believe Mother Nature opened up my nightmares just to get ideas.

16. Is that an underwater snake again?

Believed to be a boa constrictor, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this snake is too big. Like, that should just not allowed. Period.

17. Into the darkness.

But what is something touches her leg?

18. Jaws wasn’t just a movie.

It looks a little a marine version of Pennywise the Clown.

19. I’ll take this whale any day over the shark in the last photo.

They are gentle giants, aren’t they?

These tourists got more than they bargained for when a gigantic humpback whale surfaced right in front of their vacation lodge.This would make one hell of an Air B&B!

20. Nothing gentle about this, though!

Something tells me he’s got a craving for humans and that the diver might be a suitable menu option for this evening’s meal.

21. Sperm whales just look like a mistake, don’t they?

What’s with the big snout area but such a tiny mouth? It’s like a ramp to drive cars on or something!

So, are you still going on that beach day now? If you are, perhaps stay close to shore. You never know what might be lurking in the waters around you! Rather than risk being a sea creature’s lunch, how about having some seafood for dinner instead? Goldfish crackers, anyone?



20 Fascinating Photos Of Historic American Landmarks While They Were Under Construction

Whenever we think of certain historic landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge, we get a clear image in our head of exactly what they look like. The pictures are ingrained in our minds, and for good reason. They tell fascinating stories of our country’s history.

One thing most people don’t think about is the grueling workload it took to construct these landmarks. Now that they’re complete, we admire them, but a ton of manpower and time went into making sure these magnificent structures stood the test of time. Just check out these man-made marvels while they were in the middle of their construction…

1. Statue of Liberty, New York City: This iconic landmark was gifted to the United States by France, and the pieces were shipped in crates. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi designed the structure, and Gustave Eiffel was the man who actually built it before it was shipped.

2. Hollywood Sign, California: This iconic sign in the Los Angeles Hills wasn’t originally built to be a landmark, but rather an advertisement for a new housing development, Hollywoodland. It was only supposed be up for a year, but it was quickly viewed as a symbol of Los Angeles and the American cinema.

3. Las Vegas Strip, Nevada: When the lights are shining bright on the strip at night, it’s one of the most scenic and vibrant streets in the country. The older photo was taken in 1966, but the strip’s very first casino, El Rancho Vegas, was already gone by then.

4. Disneyland, California: The idea for Disneyland came about after Walt Disney visited Griffith Park in Los Angeles and envisioned a place where both kids and adults could have fun together in an amusement park setting.

5. Chrysler Building, New York City: For 11 months, the Chrysler Building was the tallest structure in the world… until the Empire State Building was constructed. It still holds the record as the world’s first man-made structure taller than 1,000 feet, and it’s currently the tallest brick building.

6. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota: A South Dakota historian named Doane Robinson came up with the idea to carve faces into the Black Hills, but his original idea was to have the faces of Western heroes. However, a sculptor named Gutzon Borglum suggested using presidents to give it a more national focus.

7. Hangar One, California: Hangar One is one of the most recognizable landmarks in California’s Silicon Valley, and it was originally a naval airship hangar for the U.S.S. Macon. Dr. Karl Arnstein, the vice president and director of engineering for the Goodyear-Zeppelin corporation, was its designer.

8. Dodger Stadium, California: When Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley couldn’t find land to build a stadium, he moved out west and ended up in Elysian Park in Los Angeles, California. It’s the third-oldest major league ballpark and largest stadium by seating capacity.

9. Space Needle, Seattle: Seattle’s Space Needle was constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair. Edward E. Carlson, the chairman of the fair who came up with the idea, was inspired after he saw the Stuttgart Tower in Germany.

10. Manhattan Bridge, New York City: This structure became a model for future suspension bridges due to the fact it was the first to incorporate deflection theory for its deck. The bridge itself was completed in 1909, but the arch and columns were added a year later.

11. Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.: President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 1865, and his memorial was constructed 49 years later in 1914. The original statue was only supposed to be 10 feet tall, but the men who sculpted it, the Piccirilli brothers, decided to make it nine feet taller.

12. The Flatiron building, New York City: This building’s designer, Chicago native Daniel Burnham, wanted it to resemble the Chicago School style of architecture, which was tall and narrow. The Fuller company who owned the building wanted it to be named after their founder, George A. Fuller, but people kept calling it Flatiron, and the name stuck.

13. The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City: Since 1883, this bridge has connected Manhattan and Brooklyn, and it’s the landmark that fully completes the famous New York City skyline. The construction began in 1869, and it was designed by a German immigrant named John Augustus Roebling.

14. Penn Station, New York City: More than 600,000 commuters use this intercity railroad every day, and it was named after the Pennsylvania Railroad, which was in charge of building it. The design was inspired by the Gare d’Orsay station in Paris.

15. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City: The construction of this massive Manhattan cathedral began in 1858, but it came to a stop during the Civil War. It was finished 20 years later, but much more has been added on since then, including the archbishop’s house and a school.

16. Capitol Building, Washington D.C: This building seats the United States Congress, and it was built using a distinctive neoclassical style. Construction was completed in the early 1800s, but few people know that the iconic dome wasn’t added until 1855!

17. St. Louis Arch, Missouri: In 1947, a designer named Eero Saarinen won a nationwide contest asking architects to create a monument honoring Western pioneers. Construction began in 1963, and two years later, the finished product sat proudly along the Mississippi River.

18. Grand Central Terminal, New York City: Cornelius Vanderbilt, the famous railroad magnate, financed the construction of what’s now perhaps the most famous train station in the United States. It opened in 1871, though the entire thing was eventually torn down and rebuilt to accommodate electric trains, as opposed to steam trains.

19. Salt Lake Temple, Utah: This Salt Lake City, Utah, temple houses the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The temple opened on April 6, 1853, and it was finally completed 40 years later to the day, on April 6, 1892.

20. World’s First Ferris Wheel, Illinois: The first Ferris wheel ever built was also known as the Chicago Wheel, and it was displayed at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The name comes from the designer, George Washington Gale Ferris.

It’s hard to imagine the work that went into building these landmarks. Still, these photos should give you an idea of just how epic they all were, even during their construction!

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