Tiny Taekwondo Student Imitates Teacher A Little Too Well In Hilarious Viral Video.

Kids have a tendency to take things too literally, and sometimes that’s the perfect recipe for a good laugh.

In a clip that’s sure to put a smile on your face, a little girl is in the middle of her taekwondo class, ready, willing, and able to take her skill to the next level. Her instructor is there to guide her through breaking a thin board with her foot. The only problem: This child doesn’t quite understand what she’s supposed to do.

Her instructor patiently leads the way. She places a board on supports, stomps on it solidly with the flat of one foot, and gives a loud yell as she succeeds in snapping it in two.

Somewhere along the way, these instructions get lost in translation. The child lifts up her foot and imitates the motion without actually bringing her foot down onto the board.

You can hear the child’s dad laughing as he records the scene. Not only is she adorable (she is wearing a cape, after all), but she’s also clearly very determined! She gives a solid shout after every kick, no matter how little she achieves.

The instructors try repeatedly to get the child to land her kick, but no matter how many times or ways they show her, she just doesn’t get it. Still, she looks and sounds so cute while she’s trying that we can’t help but laugh!

Finally her teachers resort to helping her get the job done. You’ll have to see for yourself which of the girl’s body parts actually ends up breaking the board. Spoiler alert: it’s not her foot!

People can’t seem to get enough of this tiny taekwondo student and her “monkey see, monkey do” routine! You’ve got to hand it to her though, she never gives up.


5-Year-Old Re-Creates Stunning Runway Looks With Household Materials

As a kid, taking a spin in your mom’s funkiest heels or using the bed sheet as a billowing gown are part of your average dress-up event. No matter your tools of disguise, it’s a treat to act like a character bigger and bolder than your child self.

While most kids slap together silly outfits or store-bought princess costumes, one mom got super involved in her daughter’s games of make believe. When her child showed an interest in high fashion and red carpet gowns, mama picked up her crafting scissors and played paparazzi…

Alya Chaglar, multimedia artist and mom extraordinaire, had an obvious knack for recognizing beauty in simple things. It’s a gift she shared with her young daughter, Stefani.

For instance, one day, while snacking on a juicy slice of watermelon, Alya made an amusing discovery. When she raised her melon at the right angle, it looked as if Stefani, a giggly 2 year old at the time, was wearing a whimsical fruity dress!

Mother and daughter got a good chuckle out of their accidental optical-illusion garment. “She struck a pose spontaneously,” Alya recalled, “and her facial expression was hilarious.” The incident inspired Alya’s artistic mind. They tried some other produce.

From fruits and veggies, they moved on to frocks composed of delicate flowers. While these shoots were just a fun game of “dress up” for a mama and her little girl, Alya knew their pictures were something special. So she shared them online.

From her first post of Stefani in the quirky makeshift dresses, Alya’s social media blew up. Recognizing the demand for her and her daughter’s creativity, she created an Instagram page to chronicle their new favorite hobby.

Their creative photo shoots, sparked when Stefani was in an “artistic mood,” quickly developed into attempts to tackle other looks made out of everyday materials before turning into something more…

“One day, I came across a photo of Rihanna in a blue Molly Goddard gown and decided to repeat her fashion look for my daughter,” Alya said. A few ruched plastic bags, a stapler, and heaps of sass later, the duo’s first re-creation was complete!

Soon, fruit and vegetables were in the rearview as Alya and Stefani — now five years old — pursued red carpet and runway re-creations. Before too long at all, they realized they’d struck upon the idea of a lifetime. But see for yourself!

Stefani accessorized her adaptation of this runway creation perfectly — with a big smile. Down to the paper made bows on the shoes, Alya and Stefani nailed the look. To be fair, the designer might have composed their garment out of paper colored with crayons, too.

As Tyra Banks once preached, it’s all in the smize. Alysa outdid herself with this sculptural craft paper look. Still, it might not hold up to a 360 red carpet glam cam the same way Cardi B’s VMA look did.

Spot the difference: One costs thousands of dollars and iron clad nerve to parade around in. The other, also gutsy, is pretty close to a carbon copy and totally free of charge. Eyebrows included.

It’s no wonder Ayla and Stefani couldn’t resist the Barbie-chic power suit Cardi B donned on her birthday in 2018. Cardi’s hat defied gravity, but Stefani’s could be a work of magic.

Cinderella, step aside. Little Stefani has taken the slipper. Now Alya could have bought some feathers from a craft store to re-create this Katy Perry look, but that’s not her style. Several snips of tissue paper achieved a similar look.

How can you not crack a smile when toting around a head? Alya found an opportunity to join in on the fun for this snapshot recreating a bizarre runway getup. After all, this pastime was truly about a mom and her little girl enjoying a nice giggle.


The World’s Ugliest Houses That People Actually Live In

The beauty of architecture is that every structure offers the opportunity for an entirely unique creation. And thanks to relaxed regulations, Belgium has become a hub for the off-kilter builder to flout the normal and swing for the fences. Fortunately, for those of us with a sense of humor, some of them are bound to be stinkers!

Blogger Hannes Coudenys took notice of all the hard-on-the-eyes Belgian houses standing proudly around his country. So, in 2012, he launched his Instagram account devoted to documenting the beastly abodes. Some of these houses might be ugly enough to dethrone the most hideous house on your block!

1. You’re looking at the house of the biggest Avatar fan of all time. Actually, they are the one and only Avatar fan. Too bad they chose such an unpopular film as a guide because their home is just as displeasing.

2. What gives you more head space than one pyramid? Two pyramids. This go round, they opted for double the walls and barely any windows. That way, they won’t see their neighbors shaking their fists at the declining neighborhood property values.

3. This house is brought to you by the letter “L,” as these owners took an L in designing this unsightly home. Hopefully, they have better luck next time picking a letter to inspire, say, the shape of their summer place.

4. A witch turned a poor kitty into a house…cat. Calling this sweet facade ugly feels mean, as every cat has at least one good quality. However, nobody wants to live in a place with a face.

5. No design screams power move quite like a house with no windows. What they’re lacking in fresh air and vitamin D, they make up for in racket ball opportunities.

6. Rustic may be some people’s taste, but this takes it to the extreme. In fact, from the street view, trees appear to be rooted in the roof. Thank goodness they included a garage, though. That leaves room to park your dinosaur.

7. Is the other half of this house invisible, or did it secede from the rest of the structure? The fraction of a building that remains standing is pleasant enough, but the residents must live in constant fear that the sliver remaining would vanish like the rest.

8. Skeptics said you can’t put every kind of window in one home, but the architect behind this house said, “challenge accepted!” Windows galore means less house to look at, so that’s one silver lining.

9. So we build a castle, but here’s the catch: we make it as unappealing as possible. Just when we think we’ve got it looking plenty unattractive, we’ll paint all doors in an alarming red. Then no one will ever try and seize it from us!

10. Roofs are expensive, and it was either this or a jetted bathtub. Guess which one got more votes. The neighbors can keep their overrated doubled square footage.


Meet Juno, The Cat With Better Hair Than All Of Us

Meet Juno, otherwise known as Juno The Angry Cat on Instagram. He’s a 6-year-old Himalayan mixed cat who has better hair than all of us combined. His human recently began styling his ear fluff and his followers absolutely love it. Not to mention his facial expressions make the pictures that much better. For additional pictures and video, head on over to his Instagram.

Take a look below to see a few of our favorite pictures of Juno and his crazy fabulous hair.


Hey Pandas, Share The Most Unflattering Pics Of Your Pets!

Hey Pandas! We all love our pets more than anything, and we also love taking lots of pics of them so we can share their cuteness with the world. It doesn’t always quite work out as planned, however! Just like us, animals have their dorky moments, times when they are captured in a less-than-flattering pose.

Unlike us though, they don’t care. So show us your funniest pet pics; the ones when they look their dumbest, goofiest, or just flat out fugliest! We will make the best (worst?) ones into a post for the world to chuckle at. So come on, let’s get

Feeling The Wind In Your Floof

Odin - Always Such A Handsome Boy!

Bingsu On The Left Is Pretty Normal. Makoli On The Right...well...not So Much.

Murdok 😂

Boomer Smiling At Me

She's So Stylish, So Elegant, So...

Just So Tired

Im Hangry!

Raven The Black Gsd Looking Looking Like Ice Cube

Dexter Seeing A Fly On The Lamp

Nooo, Not Again That Camera!

My Cat: Ptolemy

Trying To Look Cute For Treats...


This Is Zeca When I Asked Who Was The Most Handsome Maremmano In The World.

Junior In All His Beauty !


A Mall in Mexico Started Flooding So the Band Played the Titanic Theme Song

“Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight”


People Who Found Their “Twin” In An Old Painting

As long as you keep your eyes open, it’s impossible to get bored at a museum. Masterpieces and surprises await you around every corner, and you never quite know which pieces will stun you. In rare cases, it might even be a painting of your own face!

These lucky museum guests stumbled upon their exact doppelgängers in old portraits. In fact, for many of them, the resemblance is so striking that you have to wonder if they might’ve discovered long-lost relatives…

1. For decades now, Weird Al Yankovic has spoofed the biggest pop songs on the radio. It turns out that his face is also a parody of sorts. He looks just like St. John the Baptist by Leonardo da Vinci! Maybe we should call him St. Al from now on?

2. Every parent loves showing off pictures of their new baby. Naturally, this proud dad couldn’t help but show off his kid when they found the exact likeness hung up on the wall. This pic will surely get more than a few likes online.

3. If we didn’t know better, we would think that this girl actually posed for the portrait! The facial resemblance, especially in the eyes, is uncanny. Too bad museum works cost millions of dollars because this would look great in her living room.

4. It’s a staring contest for the ages! When one art admirer visited a Zurich museum, he never expected to come face-to-face with his own profile. It looks like these two guys must go to the same barber as well.

5. When music professor Ross Duffin spotted this painting, he realized that he missed out on his real calling — becoming a knight. Ross certainly has the looks for it, but he sadly forgot his plumed helmet.

6. Even science museums can be great for spotting lookalikes! During a family vacation to Italy, the Mansfields came across the caveman version of their son, Drew. Perhaps he found a distant ancestor?

7. Much of the time, twins wearing matching clothes come off as tacky. In this case, however, the museum fan needs to get herself a giant red hat — pronto!

8. While studying abroad in Spain, a Redditor and his classmates saw this painting of medieval war hero El Cid. They immediately thought their friend was El Cid’s second coming, so he happily posed for a photo.

9. These two blokes have matching hair, beards, and outfits — that’s a perfect score right there. Granted, it’s a fair assumption that the jacket in the painting didn’t come from North Face.

10. As the old Herman’s Hermits song goes, “I’m Henry the Eighth I am, I am.” This regal fellow bears more than a passing resemblance to the famed monarch. Though based on his authentic costume, it seems their meeting wasn’t much of a coincidence.


Creative Things People Do To Avoid Fixing Things Properly

A kid who won’t take their meds? The gap in the bathroom stall the size of a canyon? Sometimes it seems like there are more problems that need fixing than there are solutions in this world. Who has the time to tackle them all?

As it turns out, these people do. They’ve looked at what’s broken or inefficient and set out to fix everything as quickly as they could. While these solutions might not be ready to roll out to the general public, you’ve got to admire their ingenuity. Some of these hacks you may even want to use yourself!

1. The Olympic Board is still deciding if cutting onions qualifies as a sport, though even the most mediocre cook knows nothing has ever been more extreme. Add a pair of snowboard goggles to the utensil drawer; we’ve got a new kitchen essential!

2. College is hard enough while shouldering workloads and accountability. But throw actually having to use your arms to hold your iPad into the mix? Now mom and dad can rest as assured that all that tuition money towards an engineering degree will pay off.

3. “Here, have a sip of Mommy’s soda.” No child can turn down the temptation of a sugary carbonated beverage. The next time your kid is covered in snot and refusing to cooperate, tape the meds to a soda can. We won’t tell if you won’t.

4. A little musical inspiration can cure all your worries. After Dale’s laptop grew too feeble to hold its screen up, he cranked that classic tune, Bill Wither’s “Lean On Me,” and the solution became very clear.

5. Okay, fashioning a floating shelf out of hangers might constitute as a lazy fix, though whoever chose the top of the closet as the ideal spot for an outlet and internet hook up takes the trophy for the worst idea.

6. One crack in his screen sent this guy on a journey through corner-cutting fixes. The touch screen failed, so he rigged a micro USB to Bluetooth to an ancient relic called a mouse, which goes to show phone prices are too high.

7. After last year’s locker robbery fiasco at the water park, dad wasn’t taking any chances with his wallet and keys. He’s playing with fire here, especially if he mixes up his “dirty” diapers!

8. Everyone tried peeking at their opponents’ progress during split screen video gaming, so this cardboard box kept cheaters in the dark. Like horse blinders, but with lower stakes!

9. Which came first: toast or the toaster? Obviously, people were getting their toast on before KitchenAid and Cuisinart made it into an effortless task. When your toaster is on the fritz, you could try the oven, but where’s the fun in that?

10. Do you really need the hundreds of kitchen gadgets pushed by the home party industry? Heck, no! When the tape is still sticky, and your standards are pretty low, tenderizing meat only requires an open mind.


Cats Are Hilarious Creatures, Check The Photos To See Why

Some recent studies reveal that just watching funny cat videos on YouTube can improve your mood, boost your energy and in general make you feel better! Thus, if you want to make your day a little better, you can just watch some cats and see how they enjoy themselves!

We collected more than 10 photos which prove that cats are most probably the greatest creatures on Earth. Just check by yourself!

1. “Where Is He?” “He’s Gone.”

1. “Where is he?” “He’s gone.”

2. I Am So Good At Posing For The Artist:

2. I am so good at posing for the artist:

3. What Else To Do In A Hot Afternoon Sun…

3. What else to do in a hot afternoon sun...

4. Well, Why Should It Be Easy…

4. Well, why should it be easy...

5. What A Poker Face!

5. What a poker face!

6. How Did He Got There?

6. How did he got there?

7. Nice Way To Fall Asleep With Your Claws Stuck In the Curtain.

7. Nice way to fall asleep with your claws stuck in the curtain.

8. Black Cat In Mission Impossible.

8. Black Cat in Mission Impossible.

9. Not Sitting On The Keyboard, Right?

9. Not sitting on the keyboard, right?

10. Oh, It Is Such A Comfortable Place To sit!

10. Oh, it is such a comfortable place to sit!


Times The ‘Pics Or It Didn’t Happen’ Rule Was In Full Effect

“Look! Over there!” is an exclamation that soon will become obsolete. In the age of technological wonders, crispy high-quality camera images can be taken by everyone — from an innocent toddler to a wily centenarian. Yes, the click, capture, and post mentality will expose people to slight embarrassment, but the joy of a goof caught in the act is worth the egg on your face.

Thanks to the foot soldiers out there with sharp eyes and camera-ready fingers, these hilarious “you had to be there” moments have been immortalized for our enjoyment. We owe them gratitude for these silly snapshots that caught people at the worst (or maybe best!) time…

1. Pretty meta that someone snuck a picture of this man sneaking a picture in the church pews. The real revelation of this sneaky snipe is the common unifier that the flash-on issue knows no discrimination.

2. Throwing an object at someone and shouting “heads up!” is the oldest prank in the book. Buster pulled the ultimate power move by unhinging his jaws and gulping the snowball into liquid submission.

3. “Man, that song is garbage!” After the constant disappointment of the music industry, one musician had a light bulb. Strumming out an acoustic diary entry from the bowels of a trashcan had to have some artistic significance other than the obvious “stinker” comparison.

4. No one likes to disagree with Rihanna, however, in this case, it is necessary. Please, do stop the music! The title of Dance Dance Revolution victor is not worth the pain and suffering recorded from three different camera angles.

5. Caught in the act. She thought she had invented this totally convenient phone holder and was going to keep it a secret. Thank goodness someone documented her genius usage of that boring paper object.

6. Does this mirror provide a peek into a middle-aged man future? Unlike the Mirror of Erised, this looking glass won’t reveal your deepest desires, but the hauntingly limited selections of men’s clothing options at the Gap.

7. If the sun didn’t defeat that guy, then surely an extreme thigh grip did. If the concert you’re attending is so uninteresting that you have to find amusement in strangers in the crowd, then it wasn’t shaping up for that guy to have fun anyway.

8. People no longer use pen and paper to jot down books they like to read, instead, they take a picture. That book was worth clogging up the old camera roll. She barely cracked the spine and already saw incredible results.

9. Camper vans are the physical embodiment of the phrase “no worries.” When he signed up for a Hakuna Matata lifestyle, he didn’t notice the fine print about Fred Flinstoning the vehicle home from the dealership.

10. Before the unfamiliarity of dating apps, it was love at first swipe for these window washing sweethearts. When she rung out the shammy rag, he presented her with a ring.

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