Dog digs up 13,000-year-old mammoth tooth

An energetic dog recently got his teeth on something that is thousands of years old.

Scout, an 8-month-old, is a typical yellow Labrador retriever.

But in September, his owner Kirk Lacewell said Scout dug up a shallow hole in his backyard and made a historic discovery.

“I noticed he was carrying something around in his mouth,” Lacewell said.

Lacewell thought it was a piece of petrified wood or even a rock.

But, the next day, the pup was still carrying around his treasure.

“On the second day it made me think ‘this is odd. I wonder what’s going on with this. I wonder what’s special about that rock?’ ” Lacewell thought.

Lacewell took what he thought was a rock, washed and dried it, and then it looked different.

“Part of it looked like bone. It looked like bone that had a covering over it and the covering was partly worn off,” Lacewell said.

Lacewell sent pictures to experts at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum.

“All of the paleontologists over there agree it’s part of a woolly mammoth tooth,” Lacewell said.

The scientists said the tooth is 13,000 years old.

“They typically preserve more than other parts of the mammoth,” said Andrea Godinez of the Burke Museum.

Quite a few mammoth teeth and bones have been found on Whidbey Island.

The 13-foot, 22,000-pound animals were prevalent in the region during the Ice Age.

“We can just look out there and envision a woolly mammoth,” Lacewell said.

The fossilized tooth will remain at Lacewell’s home in a place where Scout can no longer get it.


Norman The Husky-Pomeranian Mix Is The Adorable Puppy The World Needs Right Now

When it comes to puppies, it’s hard to pick favorites—they’re all so cute! Still, for his (numerous) fans on Instagram, it’s no secret that Norman the pomsky has to be one of the cutest puppies on the planet.
Norman’s dad was a Pomeranian and his mom was a husky, and he’s the mind-bogglingly cute mix of the two. He’s melting hearts all over the world, and when you see his face, you’ll understand why!

Norman the pomsky is the perfect mix of adorable and tiny.

Just look at those puppy dog eyes!

His parents, Rachel and Matt, adopted him in Los Angeles, where they all live together.

He’s even got friends!

It’s easy to see why he’s such a big deal.


Meet Rick, The Cutest Hedgehog From Ukraine

Rick is a 7-month-old African pygmy hedgehog from Ukraine. When I picked Rick up from the breeder, I immediately fell in love with him. He made me smile even on the worst days. I started taking photos of him and created an Instagram page to share the joy he brings me. Rick always works the camera like a supermodel.

Prepare yourself for a serious cuteness overload!

#1 Being Happy Never Goes Out Of StyleBeing Happy Never Goes Out Of Style

#2 Little SunshineLittle Sunshine

#3 “I’m Just Going To Sit Here And Look Cute, Ok?”"I’m Just Going To Sit Here And Look Cute, Ok?"

#4 “Hello, Fall”"Hello, Fall"

#5 Comfort Level – 100%
Comfort Level - 100%

#6 Just A Little Bit ShyJust A Little Bit Shy

#7 “Put Me Down, Human!”"Put Me Down, Human!"

#8 A Little BuddhistA Little Buddhist

#9 Alien Rick Steals A CowAlien Rick Steals A Cow

#10 “Hello Dentist, Please Check My Teeth”"Hello Dentist, Please Check My Teeth"

#11 Tiny Hedgy BabyTiny Hedgy Baby

#12 The Cutest Little HedgehogThe Cutest Little Hedgehog

#13 It’s Time For Some Belly RubsIt’s Time For Some Belly Rubs

#14 Like A BirdLike A Bird

#15 Little FlowerLittle Flower

#16 “Hey Human, Do You Like My New Running Wheel?”"Hey Human, Do You Like My New Running Wheel?"

#17 Stay WeirdStay Weird

#18 Little Book LoverLittle Book Lover

#19 The Real Reason Why Dinosaurs DisappearedThe Real Reason Why Dinosaurs Disappeared

#20 Best Longboarder EverBest Longboarder Ever

#21 “Let Me Out I Want To Run Around Your Whole House”"Let Me Out I Want To Run Around Your Whole House"

#22 Rick Knows How To Keep FitRick Knows How To Keep Fit

#23 “Hey Human, Do You Like My Lighthouse?”"Hey Human, Do You Like My Lighthouse?"

#24 Hello, Little Nose
Hello, Little Nose


Hamster hasn’t moved or eaten in days so vet takes a closer look and makes stunning realization

Having a pet that goes days without moving can be a major cause for concern, and while we do not mean to make light of difficult situations, this is the type of story that is too funny not to share with the rest of the world. It is important for pet owners to take the proper time and effort to learn more about the care protocol for their animals so that they do not end up having experiences like this one.

When the girl’s hamster went days without moving, she became understandably concerned about the matter. While she initially thought the worst about the hamster’s health and believed that the creature was near death, the actual explanation for the animal’s inactivity is a far simpler one that most people would have expected upon reading the headline.

The hamster was allowed to roam through the house and during one of his outings, he located a fridge magnet that was of particular interest to him. He decided to munch on the small magnet and when he was placed back inside of his metal cage, he got stuck! Fortunately, the magnet had not actually been digested by the hamster and since it was stuffed inside of his cheek pouch, no surgery was necessary.

There are many who are blaming the hamster for what took place and in our opinion, it is the owner who should be shouldering much of that blame. A hamster is always going to explore and place things in their mouth that they should not be munching on. That’s where a human is supposed to step in and pay attention to what is going on so that they do not have to go through this sort of humiliation.

The hamster may or may not have learned a lesson here, but the owners have definitely received a crash course in the finer points of hamster care. We are willing to bet that they will be paying much closer attention in the future. As for our hamster buddy here? He is no worse for the wear and we are more than happy to report that he experienced a full recovery from this slightly terrifying ordeal.

Pet owners need to remain on the ball at all times and they cannot afford to slack when it comes to proper care for their animals. The story of this hamster may have been a humorous one, but if not for the quick thinking of the vet who looked them over, this tale may have had a far different ending.


Hilarious Dog Snapchats That Are Impawsible Not To Laugh At

We love to share all of our lives on social media, what we wear, what we eat, where we go and most importantly our friends and family. For many of us our dogs fall in the friends and family category. These furry playmates are more than animals, they are jokesters, guardians and sometimes even models.

Dog owners love to share their canine’s shenanigans on Snapchat, paired with clever captions. Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, We still thinks you should be able to enjoy the treasures from our dog Snapchat collection. We promise these pups will brighten your day or at least give you a good chuckle.

Scroll down below to check out our latest list of dogs acting ridiculous for the camera, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries!







Louie Is At The Park & Stops Dead In His Tracks When Seeing This Dog (Left). Turns Out They




Senior Dog Grabs Leash And Takes Off Only To Have Owner In Tears Where He Goes

Cheddar, the sweet golden retriever, had the best life ever for eight happy years. He lived with the same family who cherished him and lived a cushy life most pups dream of. But Cheddar’s world was turned upside down when one of his owners was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, the family no longer had the time or resources to care for Cheddar well enough, so they put him up for adoption. He found his new fur-ever home quickly – but then the new owners noticed a bizarre behavioral pattern…

There are just some people, places and animals that we feel connected to for no reason at all. For Cheddar, that was something he felt when standing next to his next door neighbor. Their bond began when Cheddar and his new owners were taking a stroll around the neighborhood one day. The couple stopped to say hello to their elderly neighbors, and that’s when Cheddar noticed the woman, Jean. The bouncy senior pup wouldn’t leave Jean’s side and now the two are best friends! Cheddar demands he and his new owners visit Jean every day – and throws a fit when they don’t.

No one knows why Cheddar loves Jean so much, but she feels honored to be the apple of the golden retriever’s eye! Cheddar’s owner told The Dodo, “When it’s been more than a few days and we haven’t seen her, Cheddar is particularly vocal when we visit next. He knows exactly what street they are on and in fact, even if we don’t head there, he insists on it by pulling on the leash and trying to turn in that direction.” It’s obvious Cheddar and Jean share an unspoken bond, and Cheddar will be by her side until his last breath! Learn more about their adorable friendship in the video below!


Dog Adopts 9 Ducklings Who Were Found Wandering Around A Castle Alone

A 10-year-old lab recently became the guardian of nine ducklings after staff at Mountfitchet Castle in Essex saw them wandering around the grounds alone last Thursday.

dog adopts ducklings

“Fred the resident dog at the Castle stepped up to the challenge when nine little ducklings became orphaned last Thursday,” Mountfitchet Castle wrote on Facebook. “The ducklings’ mum had disappeared and a member of staff found them waddling around the castle grounds alone. The team were very worried about the ducklings but Fred, a 10 year old Labrador, immediately took to them and has been babysitting ever since.”


This Girl Showed Appreciation For Her Dog In The Most Adorable Way Possible

Every pet owner feels a special connection to their animal, but none are as close as this little girl and her pet dog. Their sweet story is sure to warm your heart.

George is a Great Dane who was adopted by an 11-year-old girl and her family. He is an amazing dog, but he is no ordinary pet.

George is actually a service animal. His young owner, Bella Burton, has been diagnosed with a rare condition known as Morquio Syndrome. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “Morquio syndrome is a progressive disease, meaning symptoms get worse as a child grows.”

CHOP explains that “in children with Morquio syndrome, the body cannot break down sugar chains called glycosaminoglycans that help build bone, cartilage, eye corneas, skin and connective tissue.” This leads to more and more restricted movements until the victim completely loses the ability to move about freely.

Bella’s parents were crushed when they learned that this was their daughter’s fate. Bella’s doctor had warned the family that the little girl would soon be unable to walk. None of them wanted to give up hope, so they came up with an alternative solution.

That’s when George came into the picture. Thanks to this loving dog, Bella is able to move about as she pleases. Because of his enormous size, this dog will be able to handle Bella leaning on him for a LONG time. The little girl could not be more grateful to have such a loyal companion animal.

After years of depending on George, Bella wanted to give him something in return – besides the love he is constantly showered with, of course. She worked with a local organization to give this dog the best day of his life.

Bella reached out to BarkPost, a group that is all about dogs. BarkPost recognizes that “dogs do pawesome stuff,” and it “helps dogs share their stories with the world, using the power of the hoomans.”

This group was super excited about working with Bella. They immediately set about planning a “Dog’s Best Day” for the pup who had helped his human so much. The whole team got together, and they planned a day this dog would never forget.

George’s celebration day was nothing short of amazing. He got to chow down on his favorite burgers, play in the snow until his heart was content, and even go on his very own doggie treat shopping spree. By the time the sun set, there was nothing left in the world for this dog to want.

Bella was thrilled to see how much her dog loved the activities she had planned for him. This pup had helped her get through so many difficult situations, and she was finally able to show her appreciation in a way he would understand.

When Bella thinks back through all the hardships she has faced, she is definitely glad that George was by her side. From the moment they first met, the two became an inseparable pair.

“I could tell he needed me,” Bella shared with Faith Tap. “And I needed him.”

George is an exceptional animal, and he definitely deserved a day to celebrate all that he does for his family. With this adorable act of kindness Bella has proved to the world that while some parts of her body may not work properly anymore, nothing will ever restrict her warm heart.


I Photograph Cats That Live In Beautiful Working Places

Spending time taking photos of cats, naturally turned out that there are many people who have a cat in their working place, so I decided to start a new project called C-AT Work.

It is a very interesting project that allows me to see the cats entered in the most unusual environments, in beautiful locations where we are not used to seeing them.

But I want to point out that all of my pictures are taken with respect for each cat, nothing is pretended or forced. Cats are very unpredictable and this is the hardest part of the project. They just don’t do what you want, when you want. I cannot expect anything; I just try and wait to see what happens. There will never be in my photos cats kept in arm forcibly, everything has to be very spontaneous and recreate an atmosphere of daily intimacy.

Many of my subjects had been suggested me by people who knew about the project, others come from internet researches.


#1 Ziggy At The Bookshop

Ziggy At The Bookshop


Dias At The Pottery Shop

Dias At The Pottery Shop


Giuda At The Glass Laboratory

Giuda At The Glass Laboratory


Palmira At The Pet Shop

Palmira At The Pet Shop





Meet The Saddest Dog On The Internet

If you’ve ever tried to imagine a bulldog with eyebrows, you won’t be able to look away after seeing this pooch.

This English bulldog from Germany, righteously named Madame Eyebrows, has splendid grey spots above her eyes which perfectly resemble eyebrows. And it turns out that a bulldog with eyebrow spots is a peculiar combination that makes this puppy look terribly grumpy.

When you look at Madame Eyebrows it seems that this dog feels absolutely no joy in her life. But according to her owner Janina, her dog’s appearance is very deceiving. Madame is actually a very happy and goofy dog. “In real life, you have to see her only a few minutes and you see that she is happy,” Janina told. “We don’t see only her sad face. We see how funny she is! And how much love she gives to us.” She loves to give kisses and wiggle her tail in excitement. Too bad we can’t see her happiness in pictures!

Scroll down to see this cute little puppy, who is actually not as sad as you might think!

Meet world’s saddest looking dog named Madame Eyebrows

She is an English bulldog from Germany and her gloomy face is the saddest thing you’ll see today

She pretty much sums what it’s like to wake up at 6 am on a Monday morning…

Or to work overtime…

Or to drop your favorite dish on the floor…

When you look at Madame Eyebrows it seems that this dog feels absolutely no joy in her life

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