20 Hilarious Camping Photos That Prove People Get Pretty Wild In The Great Outdoors

Five-star hotels make for nice, but pretty boring, vacations. For a trip full of surprises and unforgettable moments, you can’t beat camping. You might wind up with a few more mosquito bites, sure, but the great outdoors will provide you with the best stories.

These twenty moments gave families and friends tales that they could share around the campfire for many years to come. Even your most bizarre camping memories can’t compare to these far-out photos!

1. There’s nothing like a day at the lake. These girls were wise enough to wear life jackets, though those only guarantee you won’t sink below the water. They won’t stop you from getting launched ten feet above it!

2. If you can’t beat them, join them. In a chicken-egg scenario, nobody can say whether the sign or the tents came first, but it’s clear that these rules are not working. Oh well, anything goes in the great outdoors.

3. Boats are super expensive, but these two geniuses found the perfect solution. They just slapped a motor and a couple pontoons on their picnic table, and now they’ve got a vessel as mighty as the Titanic herself. Judging by the one guy’s beard, they’ve been at sea for decades!

4. Need a use for all your leftover hotdog buns and condiments? These pranksters turned their scraps into a true masterpiece by accessorizing their passed-out friend. He can wash off that ketchup in a couple minutes, but his black marker beard is going to last a while!

5. Big spenders can be surprisingly frugal in certain cases. Take, for instance, this guy who’s transformed his Lamborghini into a clothesline. By the way, dangling your boxer shorts by the front seat is a great way to make sure nobody tries to steal your ride.

6. Minimalist housing is so in right now. This biker took this philosophy to the campgrounds by putting up a tent that’s only big enough to cover his head. At least his leather jacket, pants, and boots will keep the rest of him dry if it rains!

7. Out in nature, the world is your bathroom! That means you can use your toilet for many other things, like an all-in-one drink cooler and grill. However, this is definitely not the right seat to do your bathroom reading.

8. Enjoying the fresh air is not without its hazards. This man’s leisurely hike got a little sticky when he fell into a patch of cacti. The good news is that he’ll have a funny story for years to come, once the medical staff removes all the needles.

9. Some dogs absolutely despise going out in the rain, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make good camping buddies. Just bundle your pooch up in a nice waterproof jacket, and he’ll stick by you all weekend long.

10. Best friends are a great resource because they’ll stick by you no matter what. New bicycles, on the other, hand are a little more delicate. That’s why this guy gets to sleep in the tent with his prize possession, while his understanding friend dozes out in the open. 

11. This set-up gives “port-a-potty” an entirely new meaning! But it’s not totally uncivilized; the toilet does come with a toilet paper roll. We can only hope nobody tried to make use of this lavatory while the truck was moving.

12. Is there anything more relaxing than a hammock? Well, maybe it loses some of its peacefulness once you get 25 feet off the ground. These campers took bunkbeds to the extreme and set up a hammock ladder! If only we could see how they get up and down.

13. After a long day on the range, why should your horse have to sleep outside while you spend the night in a cozy tent? This brave steed righted this wrong by walking headfirst into the tent. Not a perfect fit, but she’s proving a point.

14. We’ve all seen that guy who insists on camping with the smallest budget possible. Here he is in his full glory. Draped across a cooler and two folding chairs, he dreams of all the money he’s saved since he was too cheap to buy a tent.

15. Not all campers are into roughing it. Some, like this gentleman, feel so attached to their devices that they bring their entire office with them on vacation! You can tell he’s dedicated because he’s lugging around a monitor from 1995.

16. Still grossed out by that toilet grill? Well, you might not feel much better about this grocery cart BBQ, since those things never get cleaned. But on the bright side, all that heat should kill a fair amount of the germs lurking around the metal bars.

17. Remember that not all pets are cut out for the great outdoors. This enraged cat is doing everything it can to wriggle free of its tent prison. We sure wouldn’t want to be the ones stuck inside with it while it claws its way out.

Reddit / DearG-D

18. We hope this family didn’t forget anything! Given the amount of stuff loaded onto their truck, however, that doesn’t seem to be much of a possibility. The only other thing they should’ve packed was an extra vehicle.

19. The best campsites are those where you can escape from the entire world as if nobody knows you’re there. Thanks to this sign, one campground no longer makes that list. Somebody should probably add in “Not Very” in front of the word “Secret.”

20. A few campers simply refuse to give up all of their creature comforts. These adventurers figured a way to beat the heat by somehow rigging up a window air conditioner to their tent. You have to wonder: do they also bring a radiator with them during the winter months?


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